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Application Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

The courses below are required for admission; you may apply while coursework is in progress:

Prerequisite Coursework  
Biology or Zoology with Lab 1 year required
Chemistry Sequence, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry, with Labs ** 2 years required
Physics with Lab 1 year required
Composition (writing intensive) 1 quarter or semester required

**The two plus years requirement of chemistry must also include two years of laboratory experience. If the Biochemistry course does not offer a lab component at your undergrad institution, a one-term research lab is suggested as a replacement and must appear on your transcript.

  • Prerequisite course grades must be "C" or better.
  • The admissions committee also recommends human anatomy, molecular biology and statistics. 
  • Advanced Placement credits may fulfill prerequisite requirements as long as an upper level course in that discipline is completed.
  • Note: Students who intend to apply to Chicago Medical School (CMS) for 2017-2018 admission should be aware that CMS will require an Introduction to Psychology and an Introduction to Sociology course starting with that class. There is no opportunity to take such a course at RFUMS and no time to do so while enrolled in BMS. 

Bachelor's Degree

To be considered for admission, you must have a B.A. or B.S. or complete the requirements for a degree before enrollment. The degree must be from a regionally accredited institution.

Test Scores

Effective for students applying to enter BMS in Fall of 2017, only scores from the new version of the MCAT exam will be accepted. Scores from the old MCAT exam will not be acceptable.

Competitive scores on a standardized exam such as DAT, GRE, or MCAT. GRE scores must be uploaded directly into the application in RFUCAS.


Competitive overall and science GPAs. See the incoming class profile for more information.

Letters of Recommendation

Either one committee letter or three individual letters of recommendations from persons involved in the students’ previous educational experience are required.


Official transcripts submitted from each college, university, and community college previously attended.


Demonstration of interest in and understanding of the medical field and its various components. The motivation and commitment to health care, as demonstrated by previous employment, volunteer work, or other experiences.


Demonstration of leadership characteristics through academic or community service activities.


Demonstration of a commitment to public service through a variety of humanitarian activities.


Demonstration of strong oral and written communication skills.