School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Strategic Plan

Strategic Priorities for 2012-2016

#1 - Educational Excellence  - Provide outstanding training and adapt to current and future educational
#2 - Research - Support and enhance research activities of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

#3 - Funding - Increase the number of pre- and postdoctoral grants.

#4 - Recognition - Be recognized as a distinctive, integrated set of graduate programs with dedication to the
        highest standards of academic excellence and discovery.

#5 - Interprofessionalism - Engage in those University-based and extramural interprofessional activities
        that provide educational and training benefits for SGPS students and postdoctoral fellows to enhance
        their specific career development needs.

#6 - Expanding Pre- and Postdoctoral Development - Enhance development of students and postdoctoral
        fellows in order to better prepare them to be competitive for their professional futures.

#7 - Recruitment and Enrollment - Implement a plan that attracts and retains diverse, high quality
        candidates for graduate and postdoctoral training.

#8 - Alumni - Provide opportunities for graduates to engage and connect with the school.
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