School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Frequently Asked Questions - Prospects

Graduate Studies

How do I apply to become a PhD?

Access the online application

When are interviews held?

Interviews are held in February.

What is the standard curriculum?

Our curriculum can be viewed online here

When and how do I identify a mentor and lab?

Students complete four, eight-week laboratory rotations during their first year. These rotations are designed to allow the student to explore laboratories in which he or she might be interested in completing graduate training. The student and mentor have the opportunity to mutually assess whether the match is a good fit for further training. After thorough review of the projects, mentorship, environment and departmental curriculum of a particular lab, the student places into the mentor's laboratory at the end of the first year of training and continues their graduate work towards a degree in that mentor's department or discipline.

How long does a PhD take?

The length for completion of the PhD is different for each individual. While some students complete their studies earlier and some take a longer time, the average student completes PhD studies in five and a half years. For a detailed look at the phases of training, review the PhD Training Schematic.

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