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Pink Brain, Blue Brain:  How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps, and What We Can Do About It.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2009).  Also published in Great Britain (OneWorld) and in translation in German (Berlin Verlag), French (Robert Laffont), Japanese (Japan Broadcast Publishing Co.), Chinese (China Machine Press/HZ), Korean (The Book in My Life Co.), Romanian (Editura Trei), Turkish (Pegasus), and Portugese (Artmed, Brazil). 

What's Going On in There?  How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life.  New York:  Bantam (1999).  Published in the UK by Penguin Books, under the title Early Intelligence.  Also published in German by Berlin Verlag, in Taiwan by Parenting Souce Press, in Polish by Harbor Point, in Korean by King Ree Press, in China by Shantou University Press, and as an audio book by Tantor Media.  

Selected articles and book chapters:

The case against single-sex schooling.  The Washington Post Answer Sheet (4 June 2012), with co-author Rebecca Bigler.

The trouble with sex differences.  Neuron, (2011), 72:895-898.

The feminist case against single-sex schooling.  Slate (31 Oct. 2011), with co-author Rebecca Bigler.

The pseudoscience of single-sex schooling.  Science, 333:1706-1707 (2011). with co-authors Halpern DF, Bigler RS, Fabes RA, Hanish LD, Hyde J, Liben LS, Martin CL.

Single-sex education and the brain.  Sex Roles, Epub ahead of print (2011). doi: 10.1007/s11199-011-0037-y

The single-sex trick.  Slate (15 Dec. 2010), with co-author Diane F. Halpern.

Editorial:  Stop the pseudoscience of gender differences in learning.  ASCD Inservice Blog (3 Nov. 2010).

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Gender segregation in schools isn't the answer.  USA Today, Aug. 20, 2008, co-authored with Susan McGee Bailey.

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Infant Brain.  In Feinstein S (Ed.), Handbook of Learning and the Brain, Westport CT:  Praeger, 2006, Vol. 1.

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