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Dan Albertson, RPh, PhD

Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Building: HSB
Room: 2.627
Phone: 847-578-8383
Email: Daniel.Albertson@rosalindfranklin.edu 
Dr. Daniel Albertson, RPh, PhD is Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is a practicing pharmacist with a PhD in Biochemistry, and has for several years participated in the educational programs of the University, teaching pharmacology and pathology in large lecture and small group formats to medical, podiatry, and nursing students. He joined the College of Pharmacy in 2010. In his practice as a pharmacist he has directed a Nuclear Pharmacy service and a specialized clinical laboratory utilizing radionuclides in drug analyses, and served as laboratory technical director for a pharmaceutical company producing biological products. He also worked 4 years as a community pharmacist specializing in compounding, and he currently serves as pharmacist to Abbott Laboratories for investigational product studies of first-in-man. He teaches in both the pharmaceutics and biochemistry courses in the college.
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