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Dr. Marc Abel
Dr. Abel conducted research on the neurobiology of GABAA and GABAB receptors for many years.  Among other related topics, he was funded by NIH to explore the effect of cocaine-induced kindled seizures on the GABA receptor system.  Recently, his research emphasis has shifted to the educational realm.  He has published and/or presented at professional meetings on the topics of interprofessional education and the use of a diagnostic reminder system for clinical reasoning.  He is currently investigating team interactions in an educational setting and student attitudes toward the ethics of human subjects in research. 

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Dr. John Buolamwini

Dr. Buolamwini’s research is in the area of drug design and discovery, and experimental therapeutics in several disease areas, primarily heart disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS. 

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Dr. Sarah Garber

Dr. Garber maintained an extramurally funded research program focusing on cellular volume regulation for over 15 years and participated in a multidisciplinary research project addressing body image and eating attitudes. She is committed to promoting interdisciplinary student involvement in biomedical research and education and is currently pursuing scholarship opportunities in the field of interprofessional health care studies and program assessment.

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Dr. Scott Hanes

Dr. Hanes’ research interests include the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of antimicrobials in the intensive care unit setting.  Specific areas of interest are clinical outcomes associated with inadequate empiric antibiotic therapy and the utilization of biomarkers as surrogate markers of pharmacodynamic response and clinical outcomes. 

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Dr. David Harrison 

Dr. Harrison's research is focused on the catalytic specificity of enzymes.  He uses X-ray crystallography, site-directed mutagenesis, and mechanistic enzymology to determine what keeps a reaction in an enzyme on pathway. He is also using X-ray crystallography to explore which inhibitor and enzyme properties contribute to molecular recognition.

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Dr. Lisa Michener

Dr. Michener's research uses survey methodology to gather student and faculty perception(s) about didactic and experiential curricular activities and interprofessionalism. This project will provide opportunities for student research.

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Dr. Monica Oblinger

Dr. Oblinger's research interests lie in understanding the role of gonadal steroid hormones such as estrogen and androgen in protecting neurons during aging as well as after injury or insult.  The role of estrogen and its receptors in the development of neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve injury is a related topic of interest.

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Dr. Gary Oltmans

Dr. Oltmans’ research interests focus on the mechanisms by which drug effects are mediated in the brain by modifying neurochemical or genomic brain features.  His more recent research interests include the scholarship of education and curriculum development.

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Dr. Ateequr Rahman

Dr. Rahman’s research areas include Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes, Assessment of Electronic and Personal Health Records, Interventions in Rural and Health disparity populations, health-related quality of life, health preference and utility, patient satisfaction and symptom assessment studies.

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Dr. Kevin Rynn

Dr. Rynn’s research has focused on the role of the pharmacist in emergency medicine and clinical toxicology.   His experience as a board certified clinical toxicologist has resulted in publications related to overdose management.  He has worked with numerous emergency medicine and pharmacy practice residents on demonstrating the benefits of pharmacy services to the emergency department team.

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Ms. Kristy Shanahan
Ms. Shanahan is a student in the PhD program for Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology.  She is researching the enzyme ATP synthase under her mentor Dr. David Mueller. She is performing site-directed mutagenesis of various chains of the F1 subunit of ATP synthase to find those mutations that cause alteration in the functions of this enzyme.  She also researched clinical laboratory scientists' perceptions and experiences with research as a committee member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

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Dr. Eric Walters

Dr. Walters's research uses computational chemistry and computer modeling to search for new drug leads and to optimize existing leads. This project will provide opportunities for student research.

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