University Pillars and Philosophy

Life in Discovery, quite simply, embodies the mission of the University. It is the essence of who we are as an institution and it drives all that we do. It exemplifies the characteristics that set us apart, and defines the values we hold dear.

Through four distinct pillars -- Education, Clinical Practice, Research and Community Service -- our mission is brought to life. The pillars support our ability as a University to achieve a Life in Discovery.

Life in Discovery through Education

Life in Discovery means an exceptional education as a healthcare professional, but is also about a life-long journey of learning and self-discovery.

The University has and will continue to create an educational environment that provides the next generation of health and biomedical professionals with skills focusing on predictive and preventive medicine, new integrated models of education and healthcare delivery, as well as opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research and serve the community in innovative ways.

Life in Discovery through Clinical Practice

Life in Discovery means a deep commitment to caring for the health and well-being of our patients, developing our skills and our inner strength to alleviate suffering through knowledge and compassion.

The University is committed to developing centers of excellence in clinical practice and delivery to educate the future of integrated healthcare, by providing our students with hands-on clinical experience in a realistic and challenging environment.

Life in Discovery through Research

Life in discovery means uncovering the secrets of life itself through DNA mapping and researching genomics and proteomics. This information enables all of us to embrace and understand predictive and preventive medicine and ultimately change the future of healthcare.

The University will continue to conduct innovative and cutting-edge research that will change humankind, in the ongoing spirit of Rosalind Franklin's dedication to her field.

Life in Discovery through Community Service

Life in Discovery means working in unity to find valuable ways to give back to the community that supports us all, recognizing our common humanity and the moral imperative to do good as we do well.

From its formation, the University has always incorporated public philanthropy and community service as components of the overall medical school experience. This commitment to service will continue to expand and explore new ways to serve, as we educate the future generations of our world.